What Is Assisted Living?

At The Gardens at Columbine we balance independence with daily support. Assisted living facilities are meant for individuals who enjoy living independently, but might need assistance with certain aspects of day-to-day life. In this way, assisted living offers varying degrees of support for residents, tailored to individual need. 

Our approach to assisted living targets the whole life wellness of each resident by offering support for physical, emotional, and social well-being. We make a personalized care plan – tailored to residents’ specific needs – by accommodating challenges and encouraging independence.


When is it time for Assisted Living?

The Gardens at Columbine caring and profressional staff offers ongoing daily support for resident's basic needs

If you’re beginning to wonder if it might be time for assisted living, ask yourself some of these questions.

Is more assistance needed at home than what friends and family are able to offer? 

Friends and family offer invaluable support. But at a certain point it is likely more help is required than they can offer. Assisted living offers ongoing daily support to ensure residents’ most basic needs are met. 

Is home becoming isolating or lonely?

Reduced mobility can cause isolation, which often leads to loneliness, inactivity and other health concerns.  Having an active social life ensures health and happiness. Residents in assisted living can live a vibrant social life with purpose and meaningful friendships.

A serene and safe environment at The Gardens

Is safety becoming a paramount concern? 

With reduced mobility or declining eyesight comes a natural concern about safety. Injuries and falls occur at any time and getting to a phone may be impossible. At The Gardens at Columbine safety is a priority, with a nurse and a professional team on-site 24 hours a day.

Is cleaning and maintaining the home becoming unmanageable?

Daily chores that used to be easy can become major inconveniences. Cooking, cleaning, coordinating bills and maintaining the house become daunting challenges. Assisted living allows retirement to continue with freedom.  


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