Thanks for visiting our new website!

Keeping up with our modern age is a big part of The Gardens at Columbine. We are not on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (if you believe you’ve found us, it’s not us). We are not Twitter-ers. Only the birds in the aviary tweet.

Ours is a more classic, perhaps slower, form of advertisement and socialization. We reach out and shake your hand, talk face to face and are genuinely inspired by the shared connection we can make with each other. The team, the residents and the families are all interconnected and make a tremendous impact on one another’s lives.

But we have to stay up to speed for the sake of our business and the enjoyment of our residents and team. Not long ago, this meant adding an entrée salad to the staff meal choices and putting an always available sweet potato on the residents’ menu. If only catching up were so easy. 

It’s been a few years since our last website update and this one is a COMPLETE CHANGE that we’ve been working on for some time. Please peruse the home pages and photo galleries, lookup the newsletters and take a gander at the News page, where we’ll be posting relevant articles about our community, what we do, or maybe just fun pictures of the residents in the Mardi Gras walker parade!

All my best to you,