Living With Memory Loss

Varying degrees of memory loss affect many older adults. We’ve all forgotten where we put our keys or wondered why we entered a room. Some memory loss is a normal part of aging, as mental and physical functions slow down. Remember, forgetting where we put our glasses or keys is not necessarily a cause for panic. 

But significant memory loss that is associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease often causes a major disruption in daily living. If you notice early signs of dementia becoming a daily impairment, it’s best to become educated and seek professional guidance.


Safe and secure dementia care facilities with outdoor garden space at  T  he Gardens at Columbine

How do I know when it’s time for dementia care for my loved one?

Allow us to guide you through the process of selecting an appropriate next step for your loved one. Our years of experience in counseling families to understand how we can support the needs of our residents has been vital in making the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our assessment process is thorough and very helpful in understanding what services we can provide for reach resident.

We will offer you a true picture of our commitment to the successful care and support we can provide your family. 

Has your loved one become lost in familiar places and is unable to return safely?

"Wandering" often leads to serious consequences. A Memory Care residence offers safety and peace of mind for your family. 

Does your loved one experience increased confusion, agitation or hyperactivity as the day progresses?

This can be referred to as "Sundowning". When your loved on is in the appropriate environment it can often aid this stressful symptom of dementia.

Has the stress of caring for and worrying about your loved one created a negative impact on your life and health?                      

At The Gardens at Columbine, we see a remarkable transformation for the resident and family when we are given the opportunity to create stability and safety for our residents. This in turn diminishes the emotional stress their loved ones endure. 

Serene and safe gardens at  T  he Gardens at Columbine

Our Family Forum & Support Groups For Dementia

At the regularly scheduled Family Forums we provide an opportunity for families to share and compare their unique experiences. It becomes a safe haven for recognizing that others encounter similar concerns and frustrations with the changing relationships they have with their loved ones.

These sessions also include professional training seminars presented by specialists in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease offering insight on how to approach the challenges that come with dementia.


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