For Loved Ones and Friends

Allow us to guide you through the process of selecting an appropriate next step for your loved one. Our years of experience in counseling families to understand how we can support the needs of our residents has been vital in making the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our assessment process is thorough and very helpful in understanding what services we can provide for each resident. 

We will offer you a true picture of our commitment to the successful care and support we can provide your family. 


Consider these signs that your loved one could benefit from assisted living at The Gardens at Columbine:

Beautiful flowers abound at  T  he Gardens at Columbine

Your parent is depressed or spends most of his or her time alone at home.

Lack of social life may be an indication that living alone is no longer the best scenario.

The refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food.

This may be a sign that eating and food preparation is too difficult for your parent.  You may also notice your parent losing weight.

You are aware of bruises, cuts or falls.  

As your parent ages, frailty and weakness may increase. Frequent bruises may be an indication that someone is shaky on their feet or having balance problems.  Your parent may try to cover up injuries or reply evasively when asked what happened.

Abundant plants and flowers provide a serene environment at  T  he Gardens at Columbine

Your parent wears the same clothes repeatedly.

This may be an indication that doing laundry is becoming difficult.  You may also notice that his or her clothes are dirty.

The house and yard are no longer well kept and clean.

With natural changes that occur as we age, a person may no longer be capable or desire to do the work of maintaining the home. 

Your parent has trouble remembering to take medications.

Some forgetfulness is common —it’s when the forgetfulness threatens their health that it becomes serious. “Did I take my blood pressure medicine today?”

Your loved one becomes lost in familiar places and is unable to return safely. 

"Wandering" often leads to serious consequences. A Memory Care residence offers safety and peace of mind for your family. 

Your loved one experiences increased confusion, agitation or hyperactivity as the day progresses. 

This can be referred to as "Sundowning." When your loved one is in the appropriate environment it can often aid this stressful symptom of dementia. 

The stress of caring for and worrying about your loved one has created a negative impact on your life and health. 

At The Gardens of Columbine we see a remarkable transformation for the resident and family when we are given the opportunity to create stability and safety for our residents. This is turn diminishes the emotional stress their loved one endures. 

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